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Presented by SRT’s Stage Two
DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT
7 – 9 Mar 2014
A Wedding, A Funeral & Lucky, the Fish
Written by Dora Tan

A Wedding, A Funeral & Lucky, the Fish goes to extremes to show how marriage for Singaporean women might still very much be a milestone. Yet, are the characters so absurd? Or can we, much as we want to deny it, see ourselves in them?
Why should people buy tickets to watch your play?
Because it’s funny and fresh and they’ll have a good time. For those who want more than just entertainment, the play also gives an insight into why people do what they do.
Dora Tan

Stand Behind the Yellow Line
Written by Michelle Tan

Stand Behind the Yellow Line is a political satire that portrays what it is to be a Singaporean today. Formally inventive and oddly lyrical play about people who find themselves living outside the lines.
Why should people buy tickets to watch your play?
Because it probably isn’t your typical repertory play; it’s a bit of an experiment in text and lyricism and pushing boundaries. Audiences might find the setting of the play strange and familiar all at once, and so hopefully also find a part of themselves in the story that is being told.
Michelle Tan

*These 2 productions will be staged as a double bill.

For more information, click the Book Now button below. For school/group bookings, please contact Frank on 6733 8166 or at

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Presented by SRT’s Stage Two
DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT
27 – 12 Apr 2014
Rising Son
Written by Dick Lee

"Rising Son is the first part of my family trilogy, which is about three coming–of–age episodes inspired by the lives of my father, mother and my own teenage experiences," says Dick. "Besides featuring a period of Singapore’s history, they are personal journeys I’m excited to share."
What can audiences expect from the show?
A thought–provoking slice of Singapore history, depicting a different side of the turmoil.

Describe the play in 3 words.
Peace In War.
Dick Lee

For more information, click the Book Now button below, or for school/group bookings, contact Frank on 6733 8166 or at

Join Dick Lee and the cast of Rising Son in a post–show talk on 28th March (8pm) and 1st April (8pm).
Participate in an interactive session with the ‘Mad Chinaman’ himself, and the cast starring Tan Shou Chen, Seong Hui Xuan and Caleb Goh!

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Interested in being involved in the next Made in Singapore? Send us your script, synopsis or play idea and more about your writing experiences. SRT’s Stage Two will develop selected scripts and put the resources into making it ready for stage!

To submit, send a PDF version of your script/draft (maximum of 4 characters) to
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Presented by SRT’s The Little Company
DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT
14 Mar – 27 Apr 2014
"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair."

Don’t miss this heart–warming ‘hair–raising’ musical tale that will delight families and have our younger audiences singing along.

"I’m really looking forward to sharing the magical story of Rapunzel with the SRT audience" says director Lotte Wakeham (Associate Director of RSC’s Matilda, UK), and continues "This is my first production in Singapore and you can expect fun adventures, singing, lots of hair, talking animals and a few surprises... ".

For school or group bookings, please contact Catherine on 6733 8166 or at

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Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
Fort Canning Park
30 Apr – 25 May 2014

From the company that brought you Othello, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Much Ado About Nothing.

Spread a picnic blanket under the stars, uncork that bottle of wine and lose yourself in the rich world of The Merchant of Venice, where all that glisters is not gold. Join Shylock, one of Shakespeare’s most sympathetic villains, and the quick–witted Portia in their pursuit of justice and mercy.

With its lavish sets and seasoned cast, Shakespeare in the Park has become a highly anticipated event in Singapore’s cultural calendar. With over 30,000 people attending Othello last year, book your tickets early in order not to miss this fabulous and affordable outdoor theatre experience.

SRT’s Education Department offers various programmes to deepen your students’ learning experience. These programmes are complimentary to schools who make a group booking for The Merchant of Venice. They can also be made available for S$500 to schools without ticket bookings. Click here for more information.

For group/school bookings of 20 tickets or more, please contact our Sales Manager, Frank at 6733 8166 or

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Active Shakespeare: Lessons from the RSC’s Rehearsal Room      SOLD OUT

SRT collaborates once again with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) to bring you one of our most well–received education programmes!

This four–day course will give you pedagogical skills and confidence to apply active approaches to teaching Shakespeare in your classroom. Inspired by the work of actors and directors of the RSC’s rehearsal rooms, the course will explore approaches to Shakespeare’s plays that can be transferred to other kinds of literature and which will help your students develop 21st Century competencies.

The course is suitable for English, Literature and Drama teachers and will be led by two practitioners from the Royal Shakespeare Company: Education Associate Practitioner, Rachel Gartside; Voice and Text Coach, Michael Corbidge.

This programme is made possible with the support of J.P. Morgan.

For more information, click here. If you would like to sign up for the course, please contact Claire on 7633 8166 or at

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Presented by MEI Live
DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT
3 – 15 Jun 2014
Enter a magical journey though the seasons, as Charlie and Lola discover that everything is different and not the same. What happen when Lola and her best friend Lotta said they will honestly and promisedly look after Sizzels? And follow Charlie and his best friend Marv on a Pirate Squidbones adventure!

"It’s a delightful interpretation of the books, featuring puppets and a great deal of imagination."
The Guardian

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Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Residency Programme

Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) is building the foundation needed to sustain a vibrant and robust theatre industry in Singapore by identifying and developing the best talent in Singapore and for Singapore,

This platform for talented young industry professionals to learn from the best in their field is a hands–on full–time position. The residents receive a monthly stipend based on a full–time salary for the 18th month duration of the skill development programme.

SRT successfully launched the programme with a Resident Assistant Director in March 2013 and is now scaling the programme up to include positions in producing and design.

"This residency programme is such an amazing opportunity for me to learn and grow as a theatre practioner. I never thought that I would have a chance to be able to work full–time, learn from amazing directors and even be paid as well." – Natalie Wong, SRT’s first Resident Assistant Director.

Please email your CV and tell us, why you would like to be offered this opportunity in the areas of either producing, designing or directing theatre.
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Help us make a difference in a child’s life!

SRT has created the Student Education Fund which enables you to give young minds the opportunity to experience the magic of theatre, especially those from families with financial difficulties.

For as little as $20, you can send a child to the theatre.

We urge you to join us in nurturing a love for the arts in the next generation.

Click here to make your donation.
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Gift a Friend of SRT season voucher to your colleagues and friends to enjoy throughout the year. They will be invited to premieres, dinners with celebrities and given exclusive backstage passes, just to name a few of the benefits.

This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only will the beneficiary think of you all year round at SRT’s eight shows a year, you will get a 250% tax deduction for donating to SRT, a registered charity with IPC status.

Why not sign up as a friend yourself? All you have to do is click here.

To purchase gift vouchers, please email

We look forward to seeing you at the theatre soon.
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